'For these portraits I am using the luminous early Renaissance egg tempera technique. The use of gold leaf is to show the sacred of these Yezidi women, regardless of all they have suffered at the hands of ISIS.' Hannah Rose Thomas

Refugee Portraits | jordan & calais

"Through my portrait paintings of refugees I seek to convey that each of us are created in the image of God and equally valuable in His eyes, regardless of race, religion, economic circumstance or social status. Let us seek to keep the borders of our heart open to those who are different from us. This is essential if we are to overcome the distorted agendas of violence and extremism that seek to divide us." Hannah Rose Thomas, from her speech in Scottish Parliament 13 June 2017


portrait commissions

'Hannah Rose has a unique creative gift and ability. Her portrait of me is stunning. Everyone comments how she has captured me perfectly both in look and facial gestures. .' Revd Canon J.John


a few drawings